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Dungeons of Anoma is a traditional, turn based roguelike with full 3D graphics and a very simple and intuitive user interface. You don't have to memorize dozens of keybindings and the game can be played entirely with the mouse.

What The Game Is
Dungeons of Anoma is a roguelike - a turn based game where you explore procedurally generated dungeons, killing monsters and taking their stuff while leveling up your character and gaining new abilities. Death is permanent - when you die in the game, your character is lost and you restart from the beginning.
Dungeons of Anoma has a classless character progression system, letting you pick and choose your abilities to suit your play style and changing circumstances. There is an emphasis on making the controls and UI  as accessible and intuitive as possible, with most actions being handled through a single context menu and a simple drag-and-drop, icon based inventory.  

Early Access
The game is still in an early stage of development, and there are a lot more monsters, abilities, items and game mechanics to be added to the game. The goal is to create a game with the depth and richness of classic roguelike games like Dungeon Crawl and ADOM, with modern graphics and an accessible user interface.  
There are currently 10 dungeon levels to explore, with seven unique monsters to fight and a host of items to loot. As more creatures, items and abilities are added, this will be expanded to 26 levels and a final boss level.

About the Developer
My name is Sean Fahy, I'm a programmer and sometimes artist from Ireland. I've wanted to make this game for a very long time and I'm very excited to finally be releasing it.

Support the Game
The best way to support the game is to give me all your money ;) 
Apart from that, your feedback and suggestions are extremely valuable, and bug reports are extremely helpful. You can contact me here in the discussion board or on twitter, I've also created a Patreon if you want to be extra supportive of the game and get a little inside info.

Update Log - v 0.1.6


Thanks for checking the game out, I hope you enjoy it!


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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